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The Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks is an American fraternal order that began in New York City in 1868.  Since then it has grown to one of the leading fraternal orders in the United States.

The Elks exists to inculcate the principals of Charity, Justice, Brotherly love, and Fidelity. This is achieved in many ways including our Elks National Foundation, Veterans services, youth activities, and local community organizations.


If you would like to know a little more about our history please click the link below. 



Charity is the cornerstone of every Elk structure, the highest virtue of every Elk creed. The help we extend to those in need is added to our own strength.


Justice is not vindictive, but is exacting. Elks are obligated to uphold the constitution and laws of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks and the United States.


Brotherly love is the foundation and groundwork of the Order. Elks are keen to hear the cry of distress, fearful of doing wrong, and quick to help the unfortunate.

Brotherly love

Fidelity implies strict adherence to our obligation and faithfulness in the discharge of our duties as society. It is the cornerstone of the Elks.


The Arlington Elks Lodge started with small beginnings in 1959.  We have grown into the amazing lodge we are today. Our commitment to local charities, national charities, youth activities, Veterans services, and the Boy Scouts of America is like no other lodge.

We also offer many wonderful amenities for our members and their guests to enjoy including a swimming pool, golf course, and social quarters. Check out our facilities page to find out more.

Some of the charities our lodge contributes to include:

Texas Elks Children's Camp

Special Needs Grants

Elks National Fund

Hoop Shoot

Mission Arlington

Patriot Paws

Wish with Wings

Boys & Girls Clubs

Operation Orphans

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